How to Hire Us

If you have never hired a marketing agency before and aren't sure where to begin, that's OK. Most of our other clients haven't, either. Here are the usual ways this gets done:

Ask for a Quote

If you are writing a proposal or a budget request -- and think you might want our help -- we'll schedule a time to chat. After that, we'll provide you with  a summary of services and costs that you can include in your funding request. 

Credit Card

Cut out all the red tape! Many of our services are priced so low that you can just put them on your government-issued credit card.

Small Business Set Asides

Water Words That Work, LLC is a small business registered in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We work with clients all across the country.


Many government agencies have standing retainer contracts with large consulting and engineering firms.  We have done some of our best work on subcontract with firms like this. 

Requests for Proposals

If you have an RFP for environmental outreach and communications services, we’d love to see it!


Proudly Serving

Environmental Professionals  


Federal, State, and Local Government


Water and Wastewater Utilities   


Environmental Advocates     


Environmental Engineers   


Environmental Grantmakers 

Water Words That Work, LLC

Our mission is to ensure the American people enjoy clean and safe water, outdoors and at home. We do this by helping our clients and students succeed with their outreach and communication.


Email: info@waterwordsthatwork.com
Phone: 800.861.6012
Duns #: 800574894


We are a registered small business.