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Host an Online Course

If you lack the funds or the occasion to have our trainers come to you, there's an alternative.

Water Words That Work offers (almost) all of our trainings as convenient, affordable Zoom courses. 


Water Words That Work, LLC speaks Zoom! You can choose from (almost) any of our courses or plenary session topics. If you don't see a topic that fits, contact us to discuss your needs. 

If you book us to offer a Zoom training, you may invite up to 100 participants for the same cost. We can setup the sessions, registration form, and handle distributing handouts prior to the course. We use the "breakout room" feature extensively, setting up opportunities for participants to discuss and network in small groups.


Online trainings are convenient and affordable. We won't bill you for any expenses other than our training time -- no airfare, hotels, rental cars, or per diem.  

Typical Agendas


Most of our courses consist of 3 2-hour sessions. We recommend against scheduling them all one day

The training usually lasts 90 minutes, but we allow a little extra time to orient students to the Zoom features and troubleshoot. Once you contact us about a training opportunity, we will work with you to develop an agenda that works for you and your situation. But here are the most common schedules our clients ask for:


  • One week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • Two consecutive weeks: Tuesday/Thursday/Tuesday

  • Three consecutive weeks: 3 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays in a row

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