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Case Studies

Get a flavor of who we work for and what we do by reviewing these brief case studies

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

For an EPA-led coalition of informal educators, we researched the public's knowledge and attitudes, and also surveyed teachers and homeschooling families. Then we helped our clients develop their first-ever outreach plan.

Think Blue Massachusetts

Since 2018, we have run the annual "Fowl Water" advertising campaign, reaching millions of Massachusetts residents and producing a measurable increase in stormwater awareness.

Michigan Association of Conservation Districts

We have worked with Michigan conservation organizations to enroll hundres of farmers in a voluntary environmental program around Western Lake Erie.

Choose Clean Water Coalition

We helped the Coalition develop a unique training on policy advocacy and communications to advance the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay.


We helped this major water utility develop their first ever social-media plan and policies. Since then, the organization has enjoyed a rapid increase in its social media reach.

Land Trust Alliance

We helped the Alliance's New England members develop a coherent approach for telling their climate crisis story.

302STOPPIT Campaign Logo

We worked a group of MS4 permitees to launch and advertise a pollution hotline, generating an 800% increase in stormwater awareness among county residents.

Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District

We helped this California pollution control agency rebrand itself and clearly tell its story to its local customers.

Rivanna Conservation Alliance

We helped two local river conservation organizations merge and form a new brand identity.

New Castle County (Delaware) Department of Public Works

Since 2012, we have helped this agency meet 100% of its required educational goals and develop an email list of 35,000+ environmentally minded county residents.

River Network

We helped the Network's local members figure out how to tell the story of healthy rivers and how much water they need.

Alliance of Downriver Watersheds

We helped this group of 23 local governments secure 1,000+ volunteers to "adopt" their local storm drain.

Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley

We helped this new regional conservation organization develop their first-ever communication strategy -- and dip their toes into online advertising.

The Water Research Foundation

We have conducted two major communication research projects for this foundation. The first was on best practices for social media for water utilities using social media, and the other on best practices for museum-style exhibits to explain advanced treatment processes.

DC Department of Energy & Environment

We helped this agency conduct their first ever customer-satisfaction survey and identify likely candidates for the "River Smart Homes" program.

Waterkeepers Chesapeake

We helped this advocacy organization pressure the Maryland government to protect the Susquehanna River in negotiations with Exelon Corporation over the Conowingo Dam.

Borough of Chambersburg Pennsylvania

We helped this small city secure dozens of applications for its "street tree" program.

Connecticut River Conservancy

We helped this longstanding conservation organization update its brand to secure a new generation of volunteers and supporters.

North Virginia Clean Water Partners

We helped this regional coalition integrate social media and online advertising into their stormwater education program.

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