Water Words That Work is offering this FREE training to the first 15 registrantsThis course consists of three 90 minute blocks. 

Why you should attend

For those who train in different disciplines, environmental writing, outreach planning and recruitment activities targeting everyday citizens can be a frustrating challenge, but the Water Words That Work trainings makes it much easier to succeed. This training is designed to help master the "Social Skills" for posting and tweeting your messages. 

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Training Description

Social Skills for Social Media
Is your social media generating more zzzzzs than buzz? Or worse, are you still relying on press releases and reports to get your word out? This course demystifies Facebook and Twitter -- and reveals how environmental organizations can join the conversation and grow their audience.   
  • Part 1. The “Social Skills.” In this session, you will master the “social skills” for posting and tweeting messages your audience will like and share. 
  • Part 2. Reaching Beyond Your Choir. In this session, you will discover how Facebook and Twitter filter your messages -- and get tips to "beat the algorithms” to get through more often.
  • Part 3. Get With the Program. In this session, you will explore how top organizations incorporate social media into their operations, and how this is different from personal use.

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What Our Past Students Say:

Our course evaluations are full of feedback like this:
  • Great training -- very informative & included helpful activities. Liked that it was an intermediate-level training rather than a 101.
  • I enjoyed learning new ways to think about our social media account by seeing the examples from other sites.
  • Practical tips about getting more readers, clicks through social media posts. Hands-on exercises help to break up the lecturing.

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