Is your social media generating more zzzzzs than buzz? Or worse, are you still relying on press releases and reports to get the word out? Either way, let’s fix it! Water Words spent 2016 studying how leading clean water agencies use social media differently from the rest. And we have packaged our findings into a training that will help you reach more people and be more persuasive than ever. We will demystify what makes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites “social” -- and reveal best practices for joining the conversation and avoiding common pitfalls. This is a Water Words course -- and that means active participation! Bring your laptop or tablet and a willingness to try new things.
  • Date. Time. 90 Minutes. Part 1. The Message Method. In this session, we will define the five “social skills” and show how you can use our “Environmental Message Method” to prepare appealing and shareable content on Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Date. Time. 90 Minutes. Part 2. Reaching Beyond Your Choir. In this session, we will explore how Facebook, Twitter, and other services filter messages before they even reach your audience -- and what your options are to "beat the algorithms."  
  • Date. Time. 90 Minutes. Part 3. Managing Social Media Programs. In this session, we will learn about how successful organizations assign staff and develop budgets and workplans for social media. 

What Our Past Students Say:

Our course evaluations are full of feedback like this:
  • "Solid tangible tips like read-able and the meme site. Excellent!!!"
  • "Practical tips about getting more readers, clicks through social media posts. Hands-on exercises help to break up the lecturing."
  • "Great training -- very informative & included helpful activities. Liked that it was an intermediate-level training rather than a 101."
  • "Insights on what does and doesn't work on social media."

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