Sooner or later, the water will get hot and your reputation and success will be on the line. This beginner-friendly workshop helps you prepare for environmental “hot topics,” like rate increases, land management decisions, policy changes, lawsuits, legislation, and emergencies.
  • Date. Time. 90 Minutes. Part 1. Tangling With Trolls. You will explore who can be persuaded, who can't, and how to handle aggressive adversaries.  
  • Date. Time. 90 Minutes. Part 2. Rules of the Game. Playing to Win. You will explore hot topics from the movers and shakers’ perspective. Then you will learn the dos and don’ts of the influence game for government and nonprofit employees.    
  • Date. Time. 90 Minutes. Part 3. The 5th Estate. Picking up where high school civics left off, you will discover the role that coalitions and associations play in influencing how “hot topics” turn out. 

What Our Past Students Say:

Our course evaluations are full of feedback like this:
  • "More confidence of thinking and responding on the spot. I think that being able to participate was great practice, I will be less likely to freeze on the spot next time."
  • "An understanding of the power of words to convey and garner support from target groups of the population for advancing environmental justice and initiatives."
  • "The more you explain something in the language people understand the more they will listen and understand."
  • "I learned some basic tools to help me to get my point across and control the message I am trying to convey."
  • "The continuum to engage and win over the unengaged. Very helpful!"

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